Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Diaper Cake

I've wanted to make a diaper cake for awhile now. I've made diaper wreaths before, I love them. Well I had a friend make me one for my son this past year so I saved all the rubber-bands and such. The way my friend made it was just all diapers together, I thought about doing that, but when I searched on how to make it I saw a lot with people using things in the middle. Since I had a small package of diapers I decided to try that out. 

As I was making it I wasn't sure if I'd be able to even have 3 layers, but I got to, so that was nice. One thing I saw and kind of tried was hiding the diapers by using tissue paper, but I didn't like the way that was turning out. So I looked through my bag of decorations and scraps and found the perfect sizes or ribbon to use to hide the rubber-bands :) Yaa for keeping old stuff, you can always reuse stuff some how!

Any ways I love how it came out, now hopefully it'll ship well and still look good! Speaking of I need to find out if I need to ship a  few boy clothes also. Two friends back home [Oswego, NY] are having baby showers next month. One, Garrett & Bree, thought they were having a girl and found out they're actually having a boy! I brought some stuff when we went there this past summer, so my mom needs to look through the bag to see if I need to send more. I know I have neutral clothes, but I can't remember if I had girl clothes in there too or not. My other friends, Jorin & Freddie are having another little girl so this is for them since they mainly just need diapers :)

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