Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blog Name, What do You Think?

I've really been thinking of names and searching online for tips and once I saw the word "Lucky" I felt that's it I have to use that and then of course "Sweetpea". 

My daughter was born on St. Patrick's Day and since I've called her my lucky charm that's why I felt I had to use that word. As for sweetpea I call my son my sweetpea because he was born in April and that's one of the flowers for that month. Therefore of course I had to combine them somehow :)

Then I thought ok so "Lucky Sweetpea Crafts"? Ehh, it's ok, but I wanted something different so I looked at other words to use and I like the word ingenuity, but f course felt it should be plural for this.

Here's to a new name and more new ingenuities to follow :)

So what do you think of it?

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