Monday, November 21, 2011

Glitter Shake Bottle

Another craft inspired by Pinterest! I came across THIS on Pinterest and knew I wanted to do it for both of my children! My daughter is 2 & 1/2 and my son is about 7 months. I had everything I need, BUT the bottles so the other day I went to the store and grabbed an 8 pack of pepsi. I've been wanting pepsi for awhile, we don't ever buy soda any more besides once in awhile and I figure with Thanksgiving coming up I might as well, hehe. It wasn't that much and well worth the price since I get to use the bottles for my crafts :) Then last night I texted my friend Lauren and asked if her and her daughter, my daughter's best friend =P wanted to come over to make them with us :) So today we made them together :)

Almost all of the label came off...

 So I got out the Goo Gone! I took the picture while I let it sit on the bottle.
I let it sit on it for a couple minutes and most wiped off, I had to scratch some off.

 Getting ready!

Putting the items in the bottle!
I filled the bottle with water half way first.

 All done!

Another view :)
She put pom poms, beads, letter beads, colored paper clips, erasers, & a jingle bell.
I added the glitter for her & then filled the rest up with water.
*Edit, I think the jingle bell is rusting, oops, I'll have her make another

Very easy & fun!

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