Thursday, November 3, 2011

I tried the DIY Wallflower

Another Pin-spried idea I tried was the DIY Wallflower. After going HERE, I decided after one of my wallflowers ran out I would give it a try since I just bought some essential oils and well who wants VOCs in they're house?! NOT me! I then did just as the post said, let me tell you, it was a pain getting the wic out! But I kept trying and finally got it. So I filled it, took a little to get the wic back in, but not as tough to get it out, then I went and plugged it in. That was October 25th and I think it was 2 days ago now that I noticed it was empty, so it only lasted a week. Of course I don't want VOCs coming from the wallflower espeically since I have one in my son's room, that's the one I tried it out on. Thankfully peppermint oil is pretty cheap and I didn't use much. Next time I might try to use more oil and less water and see how that lasts. Soon I'm having a Scentsy party and they have plug-ins and they aren't bad for you, I think I'll get one for his room - I have it by the trash to help cover the lovely diaper smell, lol. 

Just wanted to share that I actually tried it out and how it went :) Oh yea, the peppermint smell was pretty strong at first, but only a day or two.

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