Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Frame Re-Do

I've been gathering ideas for Christmas pictures and I saw THIS one which inspired me to find a frame to use for ours. 

I knew I wanted to check Good Will and the Salvation Army, I went to the Salvation Army first and found one I liked so I grabbed it, $4.27. I forgot to take a picture of the picture & frame, so I had to at least show what the picture was....not my style! =P But it was only $3.99 for that size frame, I had to grab it! I only wanted the frame, but later thought I could make a collage of photos. 

Well since I want to use the frame for Christmas photos I was trying to think of what color I'd like the frame to be. It was that old shiny gold...ugggllly [to me at least, lol]! I didn't want it to be black or silver, I already have enough of those frames. Since we'll be wearing green & red I didn't want the frame to be those either. So I decided on white. I grabbed some spray paint, with the help of my husband, from Wal-Mart, around $4. 

 I went to Toys R' Us and a friends on Saturday and before I left my husband asked if I'd like him to spray paint my frame for me....of course! =P There's a couple spots where it didn't stick to the frame the greatest, but you can barely tell unless you're close to it. I can't wait to use it in our pictures! A few more weeks and we're getting them done, well my friend is taking them for us :-D I think I take pretty nice photos myself, but my camera still isn't the greatest, plus I didn't want to use a tri-pod for taking our pictures. It's easier to have someone take your picture when it's of your whole family :) Any ways, she has a great camera and I always love her photos! She took our family pictures earlier this year, it was relaxed and fun to do! She didn't charge us, although she could charge people, and I of course paid her any ways :)  Here's one of my favorites she took:

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