Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Real Baby Bottle into a Toy Baby Bottle

The other day I saw the bottle sitting on the container that I've there for a few days now. I needed to go through the ones we have and the one sitting there I decided I would give to my daughter to play with with her dolls. She already has a small real bottle to play with for them so I figured she could use another. After I moved that one I forgot about the rest so I still need to look through them, haha! You know the ounce markings on a bottle, well they are wearing off that's why I decided to let her play with it because I can't use it any more and I have plenty more. We have a son so once I knew what I was doing with the bottle I looked for the extra caps we had and grabbed the pink ones, why use them when I have plenty of 'boy' colored ones, haha. The only thing I didn't let her have is the bottom piece, I can use that with the other ones and the nipple I put in it in a slow one and my son uses the fast ones now.

My daughter wants her play bottle open now and then, well I didn't want to put anything in it in case she got it open and well of course it coming out through the nipple. I cut some paper and stuck it in there, to make it seem like 'milk' was in there. She saw me do it and yea it didn't work, it just sucked, lol! So since my husband sprayed my frame for me I got the idea to spray paint inside the bottle some to make it look like milk was in it. I did this last night:

What do you think? I took the caps off, sprayed inside, just had enough left in the can too! Let it dry over night and then put the caps on. I think it looks great and didn't cost a thing since I already had everything! I haven't given it to my daughter yet, once I do I'll share if she likes it or not =P I've been thinking of using hot glue to keep it shut. She can't open them yet, but when she starts to I rather her not have it open. I'll probably ask my husband what he thinks will be easiest to keep it shut, either way I'll do that before I give it to her :)

*Edit my husband suggested super glue, which I thought of, we actually had enough left so he glued it shut for me :)

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