Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY Stocking Hangers

Another Pin-spired craft! I saw a friend share THIS on her's and had to re-pin it! I put it on my "Hubby Needs to Build" board, hehe! And he did it for me! :-D I told him what was on the site, but instead of doing one screw in the middle, he insisted on two so it wouldn't spin...I told him do what he thought was best since he's the one who works with wood, not me. Makes sense though, so he did that :) 

I didn't paint them until after he put them together, it was easy and not a problem to do it that way. I didn't have many colors of paint, but didn't want to buy more so I went with the green for the base. I didn't have red, of course, but after awhile I decided on using my children's first initials so I went with pink for my daughter and blue for my son, perfect! :) Plus I thought if I want to use them for something else they won't have the Christmas look and can easily go with other idea what yet, haha. Maybe something for Easter? hmmm...Oh and reminder, these are for empty stockings. When I told my husband that the site I got the idea from said it he said, "duh, there's no weight to them," I probably would have tried it, ahahaha ;)

And the stockings were was hung! =P 

Last year we bought this huge stocking since I love Disney. We hoped for a baby boy of course & I said he could have Mickey's pocket if we did & sure enough we got blessed with him :)

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