Thursday, December 8, 2011

Socks to Leg Warmers

I'm sure you've all heard of baby legs by now, if not they are leg warmers for babies and toddlers too :) My friend made her son a pair probably a year ago now and ever since I've wanted to make them. So finally I bought a pair of long socks to do it and since I was borrowing my friend's sewing machine I was all over it! *I asked my mom for one for Christmas, if I don't get one, I want one for my birthday! lol*

Any ways, my friend sent me a video, but I like websites better so it's not moving on me, haha! THIS is where I looked to figure out how to make them. Which this is all you do, cut a pair of long socks! Really that's it and well sew the hem back and voila! You're done! :-D And since these socks where over the knee socks I got a pair of socks out of it as well, $3 for leg warmers for my son and a pair of cute winter socks for me, pretty awesome deal if you ask me! ;)

I made them so they are a touch big on him since he is an infant and we all know how fast they grow! After this pair this is all I want to do, is make baby warmers! Oh and if you never looked them up they are usually around $11 for a pair! So $3 is A LOT better! :) And they're so much easier when you're changing your baby's diaper, you don't have to take them off like pants, really nice. Plus look how cute they look! :-D

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