Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Infant Carseat Cover

Yet again another idea from Pinterest was THIS carseat cover. I didn't have one of those winter covers for our daughter and wasn't sure if I wanted to buy one for my son since he's doing really well sitting on his own. My daughter was a month older than my son now, he's 7 months, so when it was winter when she was an infant she was sitting in the cart at the store and it was easier for me to take her out & carry her in than carry her in the carseat. I'm short [4' 11"] and my arms aren't too strong and those things get heavy with a child in them! Then of course I don't want to use the stroller in the snow, we have one of those nice stroller/carseat systems so the carseat just sits on the stroller. Then adding a toddler into the gets crazy! So I decided I would make the cover. We're not outside with him long, just from the car to store, restaurant, or a friend's house, so I figured this would be price efficient :) I bought the fabric to use in pictures and then I figured I'd think of something to use it for afterwords as well. It's not like we don't keep him warm, trust me if I felt he needed it I'd buy one. And now you would think it's spring, all our snow is melted and it's warming up...I don't know if you believe in global warming, but this chick does! Crazy!

Any ways I did some short cuts, I didn't cut like she did, I just rounded the corners some. Sorry it's dark, I was making it at night so the lighting wasn't the greatest. My fabric is folded in half in the picture of course :) Then I sewed a hem around it. I also cut the strips like the other blog says, I folded the strips in half and sewed and then turned it right side out. I swore I had some buttons some where for a shirt, you know the extras you get with some shirts? Well I was trying to hurry and couldn't seem to find any so I grabbed a shirt I was going to donate and took 2 buttons off, haha! At least it wasn't that nice of a shirt, if it was I wouldn't have done it. 

Then I measured like she did, the 28" and the 22" to place where I wanted to sew on the strips. I sewed the buttons on by hand and then just cut small slits for them on the other side. Not until after did I realize I should have sown the buttons on the other side of where I put them so the fabric would lay better once its buttoned. Ah well, still works well :)

Wasn't bad to make at all and I probably could have taken more of my time. I was borrowing a friend's sewing machine and trying to get all my sewing projects I want done now fast. Now I have it for a few extra days, lol, so I just bought more stuff to work on, haha!

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